Pink floral mandala throw
Pink floral mandala throw

Pink floral mandala throw

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Printed cotton floral mandala throw in pink, with a red tassle around the edge. Beautiful and colourful pattern, typical of a traditional mandala design. The throw is perfect for taking to the beach or relaxing in the sunshine with a picnic!

These fabulous throw's are handmade by women living in rural communities, who are part of a homeworking scheme. The women are provided with a sewing machine at home so that they are able to produce items outside of a factory environment. This gives them the opportunity to contribute to their household income in a sustainable way and at a time frame that work's for them and their daily life.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, the design may not be uniform all the way round. Slight colour imperfections may also occur on the print or the tassle trim. Each mandala is meticulously handmade, away from assembly lines.

The floral mandala comes with it's own handsitched bag made from recycled material. 

*Hand-wash in cold water only 
*69" around