Blue floral handpainted enamelware tumbler
Blue floral handpainted enamelware tumbler

Blue floral handpainted enamelware tumbler

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Beautiful blue hand painted stainless steel tumbler from the Kashmir region, with intricate floral design. Each tumbler is hand painted by talented artisans in Srinagar. Great for drinks or you can use it as a pen or mark-up holder. It's also perfect for camping and festival weekends!

Kashmir is an area that is affected by separatist unrest, a territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan (which started after the partition of India in 1947). Due to the ongoing conflict, Kashmir is at an economic disadvantaged and so employment opportunities are much lower than in other areas.

With hand painted enamelwork (with papier mache), local artisans are able to have much needed employment to support themselves and their families whilst also having a safe environment in which to work in. Furthermore, selling these items through cooperatives and well established ethical export companies, these artisans are able to ensure the future of their traditional craft as well as highlighting the region of Kashmir as a whole.

*Due to the hand made nature of the product and the journey from Kashmir to England, imperfections may occur. For example, slight scratches/smudges etc. There are no stencils or assembly lines, so no two items are exactly the same.

*Hand wash only

12" in height