‘jasmine & pink’ is a small London based start-up, which has been created out of the love of travel across the beautiful and kaleidoscopic country of India. Founded by Siân, who has been travelling to India for the past 10 years, we believe in the ethos of empowerment, sustainability and the preservation of traditional crafts. 

 Inspired by the country’s rich diversity and traditional craftsmanship, we work alongside skilled artisans to design and produce unique one of a kind lifestyle pieces. To help compliment the collection, we also ethically source other handcrafted items so you can bring a meaningful storytelling item to your home.


' Having been inspired by India for a long time, I am constantly wanting to expand my knowledge and learn more about the different cultures and communities that I come across. This desire has led me into wanting to build a business that showcases handmade and traditional crafts, where I know where and how my items have been made. I feel it is important to acknowledge the story and person behind the items that we buy.

Shying away from mass production and focusing on small ethical producers is what 'jasmine & pink' is all about. I regularly travel out to India to meet the artisans and makers of our products and hope that we can make a positive change by contributing to the conscious shopping movement.'

Founder, Siân Warren